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2020 has been quite the year for suprises and so, in that spirit, South african funnyman Alan Committie makes his return appearance at the all new Kalk Bay Theatre for FOUR performances only of his critically and commerically acclaimed stand up comedy special!

Once again, he will take a slightly skewered look at events from the past year, outline the comically bizarre  possibilities for the following 12 months and try to make audiences laugh their way through the eye-popping confusion of modern day living.

We live in a world that thrives on mistruths, fake news, white lies and ‘mild inconsistencies“… and that’s just on your first date! Wait till you really get to know each other!

We have all become Lying Kings in our own little way. Despite our best efforts to fight it. Committie is here to unpack all the hilarious collatoral damage that we have to encounter.

In this solo show, (first performed at theatre on the bay in December last year) Committie will talk about Heidi en Klara and other 80’s tv deceits, the frustration of autocorrect, the lure of of the finger biscuit and the spectacle of wearing glasses…..Or perhaps not talk about any of these things. Because the end of December is some days away and things are moving very fast……

Committie is renowned for his witty and high energy material and combined with his madcap physicality and clean content makes for an ideal year-end break from all the stresses and messes of a global pandemic.

Plus, if you’re lucky, Committie will perform the entire opening sequence of the Lion King by himself playing all the animals except for the Kwagga (for legal reasons)….


Directed by Christopher Weare.

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