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FEATURING: Nathan Bartman and Ciara Baldwin Music by: Robin Auld (21st) Wendy Oldfield (22nd) Paul Q (24th)




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Weaving their creative pasts and social responsibilities, Here Manje and CAN Creative bring you three benefit/awareness performances called: The Tree House.

The Tree House by Here Manje is a safe house for at risk children. These three performances will feature two original works by CAN Creative: Rooted & The Baxter Dance Festival’s 2018 commissioned work, Sentient BeingThe evenings will also include special guest musicians.

More about The Tree House by Here Manje:

Here Manje (English and Zulu for Here Now) was formed in 2013 and is home to multiple professions.

Award winning theatre works by Here Manje include concepts of coming of age and identity in South Africa, animal conservation, anti-bullying and xenophobia.

True stories of untold heroes.

After her extensive experience in private practice, statutory work, child protection agencies, schools and safe houses, Alison Brown and her son Luke Brown (co-founder of Here Manje), founded the joint venture of The Tree House by Here Manje. They sought out a team of professionals in South Africa and the United States who share a common goal, that transcends borders, to build a home for vulnerable children who are in need of care and protection; as stated in the children’s act no 38 of 2005.

Future political and spiritual leaders; future brothers and sisters and mothers and fathers. Citizens that are not defined by their past but will define the future of our country.

In the words of a south African woman to her daughter, ‘This country is not one thing. Anyone who tells you that is a damn liar and I’ll set them straight. This country is what it is because it is so many things it scares people whose eyes are too small to see it all at the same time. Make your eyes wide, my darling. See it all. That’s the thing I want to teach you the most.’

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aob23vX_9Wg (Rooted)

https://www.facebook.com/CANcreative.SA/ (Company)

http://www.baxter.co.za/wp-content/uploads/2018/08/BDF20183.jpg (Baxter - Sentient Being)

instgram.com/treehouse.hm (The Tree House)

www.heremanje.com (Here Manje)