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FEATURING: Ron van Vuuren & Danielle Bischoff




Designed by Lauren Fowler

Music by Jennifer Eaves

Produced by Siv Ngesi and made possible through the generosity of the MAID foundation


Following on from the success of Florence and Watson and the Sugarbush Mouse which toured South Africa as well as Internationally at the Brighton Fringe this new show takes the audience back to the magical village on Sugarbush Mountain with its wonderful cast of crazy animal characters.

Florence and Watson, the dancing, singing, narrating honey badgers re-introduce us to some old audience favorites including the bossy Mayor Henry Hadeda , the overly dramatic Impi Impala and the grumpy but lovable Buffalo who once again create more problems for themselves while trying to solve their problems. The shy but level headed and brave little Striped Mouse, Petal steps in again to speak some sense to a village in panic and helps to recruit some new and interesting characters. But will they solve the Great Pangolin Mystery?

Come and find out!

A show filled with music, comedy and adventure for the whole family teaching kids how to work together despite our differences and to raise awareness for the plight of the Pangolin which is currently the worlds most illegally trafficked mammal.

Florence & Watson presents the Great Pangolin Mystery is a hilarious,

touching and magical kids show with great music and a feel good

message all brought to you by a multi award winning team of


Producer, Siv Ngesi (Standard Bank Ovation Award Winner), has

brought together a team of artists that are passionate about

storytelling and bringing the rich world of Florence and Watson


Danielle Bischoff (Barclays L’ Atelier Western Cape Finalist) and

Rob van Vuuren (Standard Bank Ovation, Comics Choice and

SAFTA Award Winner) have written and directed a show for

children that is inspired by all there

daughter’s favorite stuff.

'We wanted to put together a show that our own daughter would

love. So we've created a magical mountain full of fairies, dragons,

giants and talking animals and we infused it with great comedy,

awesome music and beautiful performances.' Says Van Vuuren.

Florence and Watson presents the Great Pangolin Mystery also boasts the

design talents of celebrated illustrator, graphic designer and thing

maker, Lauren Fowler.

Don't miss Florence and Watson in this fun filled family romp for

kids from 3 and up.