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Tribute show maestro Mike McCullagh will bring Swedish super group ABBA to life at the Kalk Bay Theatre.

The cast will faithfully recreate the ABBA sound for your partying pleasure.

Audiences can expect a fun-filled show packed with ABBA’s famous hits from ballads like ‘Chiquitita’, ‘Fernando’ and ‘Thank You for the Music’ to energetic dance tracks such as ‘mamma Mia’, ‘Voulez Vous’, ‘Money Money Money’, ‘Waterloo’ and ‘Dancing Queen’, to mention a few.

PETER TROMP had a quick chat with MCCULLAGH about the show and why audiences should be excited to relive these classic songs, performed live on the stage.

You’ve been in the tribute show game for a long time. What has been the recipe for your longevity?
My recipe relies on the talent of my artists performing the songs to specific standards, complimented by my experience in knowing what patrons want. Ever since the days of McCully Workshop in the 70’s, I was lucky enough to suss out which song would be the right one in the repertoire order. This is probably the most important part of a Tribute Show…placing the right songs in the correct order…..so this, together with exceptional talent, good stage direction and lively audience participation, is probably my recipe.

How do you strive to keep things fresh with every show?
In order to keep things fresh I (a) try to find new talent and (b) use this talent to provide something new and different in every show.

How is this ABBA show different to productions that folks might have seen in the past that paid tribute to the Swedish pop titans?
The difference in this show may be that we are quite relaxed and vibing with the audience, and also the fact that the MC is actually a very funny stand up comedian, so again it’s a combination of great music and humour.

What does ABBA’s music mean to you personally? Why do you think it remains so popular and beloved?
For me ABBA are musical icons not to be underestimated. It’s very easy to say that they are just a poppy band, but if you examine their musical structures, they are very tricky. It’s a bit like Country Music…easy to knock, but not so easy to reproduce.
Therefore I respect them and I think they wrote many great songs. There is a reason that they are so popular and it’s not just about the catchiness of their songs.