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Featured Artists: James Cairns
Company: Contagious

This is Improvisation Theatre. What is “Improvisation Theatre ? – “it is a form of live theatre in which the plot, characters and dialogue of a game, scene or story are made up in the moment”, as you go along. So every show is different and funny and sometimes quite outrageous, never boring. No-one, not even the performer, knows where the story will go. The Performer will take suggestions from the audience but this is the limit of audience participation. No-one gets dragged on stage and asked to be a giraffe.

Here you’ve got your James Cairns and you’ve got your Humanity and only one of them walks out alive. With the help of Cards Against Humanity, Cairns gives us solo, long-form improv right from the seat of his pants straight to the edge of your seats – songs and audience suggestions included !

Now what else can we tell you? We would love to tell you what the plot is but it changes every show so we can’t do that. The set is minimalistic, i.e it is James, some cards and maybe a chair. The costumes – whatever James puts on in the morning.

Ok then, last year’s audiences – some came in not knowing what to expect and left laughing and with their sides aching. Others reckoned they knew all about this improv stuff and were cool until they cracked up. Some people couldn’t be kept off the stage so keen were they to proffer their suggestions as the story and the tension and the laughter built… but that was alright, they still weren’t asked to be a giraffe!